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Gratitude: The Ultimate Secret to Life, Love and Happiness

Finding love and happiness has been one quest that has stood the test of time; the best bit is, even though it may seem like a challenge to begin, the moment you manage to understand a few tiny details, the rest of the path becomes so much easier.

One of the major factors in the quest to find love and happiness is the concept of finding your own self; it may seem a difficult concept to grasp but it is something that every individual must try in their life. Consider this as giving yourself a richly deserved gift – a more expensive gift than anything that you will ever receive or give in your life.

Dr. Wayne Dyer has devoted his life spreading the message of happiness. When he talks about spreading love, he goes a step above the vague statements and provides simple solutions that almost anyone can adapt in their life. When he mentions this “You attract into your life precisely what you’re thinking about” he talks about building a deeper understanding of your thoughts and the power of positive thinking. The demons that haunt your nightmares and make you concentrate on the negative aspects of life can be tamed when you start understanding the meaning of positive thinking.


A big part of Dr. Wayne Dyer’s work was also about the importance of gratitude – a characteristic and trait that he thinks can help individuals become emotionally independent and stable: “To balance your life with more lovingness, you need to match your thoughts and behaviors with those of your Source, being love in the way that God is. This means noticing when you’re inclined to judge yourself or others as though you or they are unworthy of love. This means suspending your need to be right in favor of being kind toward yourself and others, and deliberately extending kindness everywhere. This means giving love to yourself and others rather than demanding love. This means your loving gesture of kindness is heartfelt because you feel love flowing from within—not because you want something in return.”

As people mired with difficult challenges in our everyday life, we often forget that basically all of us are living in an interconnected world. When we deliberately spread kindness, when we purposefully become more understanding towards each other, when we completely start believing in forgiving and forgetting, we ultimately create a simpler world for all of us to mutually co-exist in. Isn’t it wonderful that by a simple thankful attitude we can start a snowball effect of kindness? A snowball of happiness that will eventually come back to us and immerse us in its great wonders as well? Doesn’t it give us a great amount of hope that our small acts of kindness are going to come back to us one day bigger and better?

In order to balance life, in order to start the epic journey of self-discovery, one must understand that the fabric of humanity is woven together. Spread the love, bring a smile, live the gratitude lifestyle and help your own self to find your true potential. Don’t just desire love, become love and you’ll find a path to true happiness that makes a huge impact in your life.